Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art by Ms. Carmen Welsh

I start with an illustration in mind. Then I lay out all the materials: white cardstock for background, transparent glue, scissors, and the regular- -to-postcard-size cardstock for that particular piece.
Afterward, I sit and begin to cut out pieces for the body, the clothes, the setting, and lay these aside in different piles.
I use the corners to focus the picture, almost as a semi-frame, and then begin to paste the background setting first, and then paste pieces as a layer to show foreground.




Karen said...

Your work is quite lovely. I have always admired mosaics and "assembled" art, especially pieces created with layers of fabric and paper. Your pieces are interesting yet simple and serene.

Maria Balcelo said...

Carmen Welsh I really enjoyed looking at your works of art beautiful, as for me never tried to work with cardstock it looks great. It's also origami paper right? I loved all of them, but I mostly enjoyed CARRYING A LANTERN, because you feel her claiming up and lighting her way and also it looks like a beautiful mosaic in her background nicely done my friend.

Angry Goblin said...

Thank you so much for both comments & that they are enjoyable! I've also always been fascinated by fabric & paper mosaics, myself.

Angry Goblin said...

To Ms. Balcelo, I'm glad that you think it was origami paper. But it's simply white and colored cardstocks.